BBQ Battle 2017

BBQ Battle

21 - 22 October 2017

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BBQ Teams

Southern Boys BBQ

Southern Boys Barbecue is a competition barbecue team based in Melbourne, Australia. Team members hail from Tennessee, Alabama, and Kansas.

Hectors Smokehouse

Championship winning BBQ Team from Melbourne, Australia. Smoking since early 2013, competing since early 2015

Ro n Slow BBQ

Authentic low and slow bbq team located in Tasmania

Paddock to Pit Barbecue

We believe that great barbecue is about more than just what happens in the pit, it all starts on the farm. With naturally raised and well cared for animals you will be rewarded ten times over with beautiful meat and amazing barbecue

Double Oaks Double Smokes

Double Oaks Double Smokes BBQ from Lancefield Victoria. Supported by theDouble Oaks Winery Victoria

Sticky Pits BBQ

STICKY PITS BBQ is an Australian low&slow BBQ team formed by two mates in 2016 that share the same passion for Texas style Low&Slow BBQ.

Smokeface Grillahs

Smokeface Grillahs

Dirty Old Baisters

A group of friends that all share a passion for the low and slow world. Out to have fun, learn new things and give everything a go.

All Up In My Grill

Natural Born Grillers BBQ

Pam, Andrew, Dean and Dana are the Natural Born Grillers, competitive BBQ team, caterers and all round foodies.

Rollin Smoke BBQ

American Style BBQ Catering and Competition BBQ Team

Burning desire Bbq

The Smoking Joint

Texas coleslaw massacre

South Aussie low and slow barbecue team

Gettin' Piggy With It

Smokem If You Gotem

BBQ Enthusiasts - 'Saucerer of Smoke' aka Julian Corbett & 'Wood Burning Warlock' aka Mikko Paddick.

Sandgroper BBQ

Sandgroper BBQ from Pinjarra, Western Australia

Full Metal Kettle

Full Metal Kettle, Al, JB and I had such a good time at the Creekside Barbecue Battle!!

Turnspit Dogs

Sons of Hickory

Sons Of Hickory BBQ Crew is a group of American style BBQ lovers. Established in 2012 after a trip to America made us smoking mad for Hickory Smoked BBQ.

Firehouse Barbecue

Team of three Victorian firefighters, Stu, Waz and Ross, smokin' meats and makin' treats!

Highland Q

We're a Competition BBQ Team from Gloucester NSW.We're all about sharing our love of low and slow bbq and having a few drams with friends old and new...

The Mexikarnts

Smokey Jakes Neighbourhood BBQ

American BBQ and Southern cuisine

Big smoke bbq

Good Food, the low and slow way!

Porkys Pit BBQ


Three Blokes and a Butcher


Official 2016 Australian barbecue champions.

Butchers Axe BBQ

We are a group of 3 BBQ enthusiasts who came together to form a Competition BBQ team. Similar to most teams, we started first as friends with a passion for food, which quickly evolved into a love of hanging around the BBQ for long periods of time obsessing fire and food!

Eureka Smoke

Competition BBQ Team from Melbourne, Australia

Street Meat BBQ

Secondhand Smoke BBQ

Competition BBQ Crew from Adelaide, South Australia. Fat Cuts - Big Flavours.

El Guapo and sons Bbq

Rub & Grub

El Guapo and sons Bbq